Elections Results: Whitmarsh is the Winner

The Zealandian Parliamentary elections and referendum of yesterday have finished with Zealandian Workers Party winning, TZG can report after the results where played on Radio Zealandia accompanied by the theme from the BBC. 

Förbundsval röstkontrollant (Federal Returning Officer) Matt Sjöberg confirmed the results saying that the results are “legal” and “These elections were fair and free and contribute [sic] to the democratic and constitutional nature of the Federal Republic of Zealandia.”

The Valmyndigheten (Elections Zealandia) has given to TZG a table of the raw results which TZG has turned into a readable format.

National Peoples’ Assembly Election – Riksdagsval


Candidate Elected Percent Rank Graph
Alex Whitmarsh ZW – Alex Whitmarsh ZW Yes 28% 1
Håkon Lindström ZÅ – Håkan Lindström ZÅ Yes 17% 2
Bradley van Dullahan MÖ – Brad von Dullahan MÖ Yes 17% 2
Billy Neil SD – Billy Nilsson SD Yes 15% 3
Joe Puglisi Independent Candidate – Joe Puglisi Fristående Kandidat Yes 11% 4
John Gordon Independent Candidate – Jan von Palasien Fristående Kandidat No 8% 5


Referendum – Folkomröstning


Response Percent Rank Graph
Amend Constitution – Ändra konstitutionen 100% 1  

The Constitution will be duly amended on Monday.

and the new Parliament is to meet on Thursday



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