Olof Olofsson Interviews Håkon Lindström*

Olof Olofsson: Mr Administrator, it is nice to see you this evening

Haakon Lindstrom: Yes and you to Olof.

OO: Lets get straight to it ya pinko, did you purge Pappa Puggy?

HL: No, Nej and Nyet.

OO: You must have, I mean even I can see he is no longer Prime Minister or anything.

HL: I lost a lot of trust in Puglisi’s ability to govern Zealandia, I mean the wheels were spinning but the car ain’t moving what do you expect me to do? I did what I thought was right and nothing political or sinister came out of it.

OO: So the Sandums are wrong?

HL: The Chardonnay Socialist or Rödvinsvänster or blanket-boy or William Sorgel are very wrong in that instance considering they have illegaly been keeping tabs on Zealandia through Mr Puglisi whom I am not sure was fully aware. You have to remember this is not the first time he has launched actions against Zealandia and I am certain it will not stop until he gets his warped way or he buggers off.

OO: There have been whisperings of a motion in the GUM to condemn you and Zealandia, what do you think of them?

HL: Look, they are like UN GA motions to condemn, not worth the bytes used to type them and it would be exceedingly wrong and undemocratic of them to condemn a member of the press for publicly stating his opinion. Its like Oh noes not Sorgy and co condemning me again, I so forgot to give a fuck.

OO: Sandus has accused you of a speedy trial, is that true?

HL: Yes the trial was speedy, everyone in Zealandia has the constitutional right to a speedy trial.

OO:Is it true the very same day Puglisi was found guilty you pardoned him?

HL: yes and that is an important thing to note, we are not purging him, the past is not repeating at all and its high-time the ning nongs realised that!.

OO:The Name issue that Soergel brought up, your thoughts on it?

HL: What he has done besides being pretentious, shows the little immature Bolly Bolshie for what he is, his stupid use of M. for the French word for Mr has caused confusion in Zealandia regarding which Zealandian Citizen he was referring to, myself or my father Mark, never the less his petulant use of a name for which I do not wish to be know as is downright rude and inappropriate for a man of his alleged stature.

OO: Burn much, anyways what do you think of Alex Reinhardt’s article on you?

HL: The most insulting thing about it was being compared to Marmite, I mean everyone knows Zealandia is a Vegemite nation. That said I find it funny that that nobody can get their facts right about the case or much else about Zealandia, like my reasoning for resigning was to put my actions in dismissing the government directly to the people shock horror. Mr Reinhardt called the convictions “accusations” despite the fact Mr Puglisi was found guilty, but he was not in the court room so meh whateves, Mr Reinhardt then went on rather strangely to say I attacked Sandus for virtually no reason despite the fact that they have continually tried to undermine the Federal Republic, speaking of Republics Mr Reinhardt and Sorgy had best not the type of Republic Zealandia is and how to refer to it, formally and Ceremonially as The Zealandian Confederation and officially as the Federal Republic of Zealandia.

OO: Well that is probably gonna be a TL;DR but yeah Reinhardt also calls the Federal Republic unstable, is it?

HL: That’s utter propgandaish bullshit, Zealandia is as stable as a good house’s foundations, I don’t know what image is trying to be drawn up and nor do I really wanna know to be honest

OO: Lastly I heard you started a new party partly based on that anarcho weird one from Iceland and a promising uniforms?

HL: Yep, but you will just have to wait to see them if I get re elected.

OO: Thanks for coming in you pinko bastard.

HL: No Problems you tory c**t


OO: and Reinhardt look up on Wikipedia a motion of no confidence

*Disclaimer: Olof Olofsson is a character created by Håkon Lindström, so please don’t get your reg grundies in a twist. Yes that means you Blanketboy.


4 thoughts on “Olof Olofsson Interviews Håkon Lindström*

  1. How is a loss in confidence grounds for criminal charges of the nature Puglisi was convicted of? How was the trial conducted? In accordance with the ancient provisions of fairness in common law?

    • The Dismissal and criminal proceedings two separate things initiated on different dates even (wow right).
      As for how the trial was conducted, it would pay to note that not every nation has a common law legal system, indeed Zealandia does not have that kind of system, however the trial was conducted following all Zealandian laws and constitutional provisions including the right to a speedy trial. ~ HL

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