Amanda comes 5th in the London Paralympics

Zealandian citizen and sister of President Håkon Lindström, Amanda came 5th in the SB 14 100 Meter Breaststroke event at the London 2012 Paralympics. 15 Year Old Amanda

Amanda after her event, photo by TZG

was also the first female Indigenous Australian to compete in the games as far as TZG can confirm.

Amanda who had only one event in the whole competition was plagued by problems such as the issuance of a swim suit that was too big despite ordering one of the correct size, in the end Amanda showed her true Zealandian spirit and overcame all the hurdles to swim in the heats in the morning coming 7th which earnt her a spot in the finals which were held this evening where Amanda came 5th.

TZG has noted that Amanda is delighted with the results of her hard work and the fact that she is even more determined now to make it to the 2016 Games in Rio, a city in Brazil.

Prior to Amanda’s race heads of government and state from around the world sent her

Amanda entering the pool area in London, photo by TZG

messages of good luck including those from the Nemkhav President Alex Whitmarsh and Landashir’n Premier James Puchowski.

After her race Amanda again received messages from various micronations around the globe congratulating her on her hard work which paid off.

Zålandieni Posturverks has announced that Amanda will be the face on the new 17 Kr. stamp to commemorate her success.
Amanda’s brother the Federal President Håkon Lindström said in a statement to TZG:
“This is a fantastic result of the hard work and determination that Amanda has put into her swimming and I am glad that it has paid off.  It show that the Zealandian and Australian

Amanda on the starting blocks, photo by TZG

ways of effort earning success are indeed true. This result is not only a result for Australia but our mighty little nation and our newest national hero and her family, and I salute her on behalf of the Federal Republic of Zealandia and her people, she has done us all so very proud.”

TZG would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Amanda on her success in London.


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